Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a hickie from kenickie

So I am perfectly fine to admit my favorite movie of all time is "Grease".  This is followed by a close second of Erin Brokovich.  Two completely different styles but my favs nonetheless.  At work a coworker mentioned a name that made me think of the oh so fantastic line "A hickie from Kenickie is like a Hallmark Card: When you care to send the very best" I have been thinking about that Line and Grease ever since.  I should be able to pull it up on Netflix right??

I love it.  I love that movie because it reminds me of my young teenage years and how excited I was when I was a Senior in High School and could say "We're gonna rule the school!" Even though I was too shy to ever have that happen.  It reminds me of carefree drinking with my friends and getting stoned in my first apartment with my long-time friend.  Life when there was no real consequence to my actions (or so I thought).

How long did I chase that feeling after I was living through real life consequences.  How Long did Jeff Conway chase his?  It's sad but he followed them to his death in May 2011.

Summer time is one of those times when I really need to get my butt into a chair at a meeting and listen to others share about the disease of addiction and alcoholism in their life.  I need to remember that no amount of liquor, pot or denial is going to get me "back" those teenage and young adult years.  And really, THEY WERENT THAT GREAT anyway.

The life I have today with my husband, children, family and friends is so much better.  Maybe I miss being able to numb out whenever I wanted to.  But if I did that today, I would miss out on so much.  I would miss things like the oportunity to pull a Bee stinger out of my 14 month old baby's lip because he puts everything in his mouth including the Bee he found on the carpet.  I would miss listening to my 7 (almost 8, holy crap!) year old singing to Air 1 in the back seat.  I would miss getting the chance to share with a newcomer that there is a Solution, and there IS HOPE.

Thank you God I can see these things today.


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