Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh no, I'm so predictable...

So I’m slightly predictable, okay, probably very predictable.  Something in me wants to say that I’m not and explain why, but really… who cares? So what?! I am predictable.  What is it in me that wants to be off the wall and do something crazy and unpredictable.  Maybe the little voice in me thinks it means I would be more interesting?  Dangerous?  Attractive?  I have no idea.  Either way I’m not… and then there is the other part of me that says that is totally okay and not even worth mentioning.  So why am I? Again, I have NO idea.  The inner dialogue started as I finally committed to publishing a post about my New Year’s Resolutions.

See now the plot thickens, or thins depending on the predictability of my leading you to this point. J

First, I don’t like the word RESOLUTION.  I have not RESOLVED to do anything. I have made a decision to try and improve in the following areas and show noticeable growth in an area.  Just had to say that.

Make time to build deeper individual relationships with the people in my life -

My children, My husband (set monthly date night), My Family and the women I call friends

I want to reduce my overall energy costs in my home.
-          Schedule a home energy Audit and get their input
-          Research cost effective ways to make the changes they suggest
-          Set a rough timeline for at least one change to be made

Build my Garden beds (donate fresh food to local charities) and chicken coop (YAY for eggs!!) out of recycled and reposed materials.

EXCERCISE, take my vitamins regularly and go to the dentist

Use my wonderful new sewing machines to make 3 baby quilts for 3 wonderful new babies due in 2013. (Fighting off baby-cravings with a stick I tell you what!)

I love that my plans now centralize around garden beds, building relationships and being healthy.  No more fixating on that next drink or fear of the reckage I caused caving in the "bubble"  I tried to live in.

I want to sneak in here that today I got to celebrate 5 years of continuous sobriety.  Who'da thought it could have happenend.  Not me, that's for sure.  Happy Birthday AA :-)