Friday, April 19, 2013

Change your thoughts

I got a text message from a friend today.  She's one of those people who sends out a little tidbit to EVERY person in her phone daily.  Some days I wonder why I haven't asked her not to send them to me.  Most days though they are thought provoking and encourage me to live in the solution, never wallowing in my circumstances.

Today though, I had to respond to her.

I am in the beginning of what could be a nasty little battle with a daycare provider who, through complete negligence, sat my toddler on a counter, walked away, he falls off gets a concussion, and she believes the liability waiver I signed, desgined of course to save her from having to pay for a kids random self inflicted injury, protects her from financial obligation on the ER bills. (Yes, that was a ridiculously long run on sentance.  I'm emotional about it.  Wouldn't you be?!?!)

So now I've got a laundry list of crap I have to deal with (as if my life was over-busy enough anyway)

...And I get this message today...

"It's not the situation that's causing your anxiety - it's your thoughts about the situation... You can change you thought! Find your inner peace"

Say what!!??


Why do I always (well not always, but often enough I could kick myself for it) FORGET THAT.  Just like I forget that the best defense I have is prayer.  And the best way to honor my God is praise and prayer.  There is a 50cent interview with Oprah where he says something to the effect of "So you're gonna pray about it then your gonna worry??  Now how's God going to feel about you?"

I had to send a response to this friend to genuinely tell her thank you for today's message.  I really needed to hear it.  Today was my day for my God to speak to me through her text message.  I hope she continues to send her messages out.  Someone will need to her what she sends tomorrow.

Thank you God that I can chose to use the tools I have gained to control my thoughts.

I can call a friend, go to a meeting, PRAY, journal, read my Bible, read my Big Book, read a blog I like, do some chores, run on my treadmill. 

Thank you God.  Thank you that you are bigger than my circumstances.  Thank you that you will never fail to remind me of that.  Please help my eyes and heart to stay open enough to see that.

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