Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is this a good idea?

Hello World

I don’t think I realized I had so much I wanted to share with the world until the idea of starting a blog entered the picture. My brain has been racing about what I would hope to know enough about to blog and, and in the end, the answer is My Life. I heard a message in my head saying “Nicole’s Voice” It seems so simple it's sillyI only have one. It’s mine. I’m going to use it.   I want to share what I've so freely been given with those who would like to hear it.  I want a medium of creativity that I can embrace who I am growing to be. A HUGE part of this process is really looking at myself and questioning who I am. Who am I? Who am I really

I have learned a lot about myself the last couple years but really wonder if I know. I guess the truth is that I get to spend as little or as much time figuring it out as I chose to spend.  What TV character said it? "You are where you are" or something like that?  Was that the dad from the Brady Bunch movie? (please correct me if I'm wrong!) 

Well, here goes! Here is what I know so far-
I am a woman and a mother of two incredible boys
a friend (still learning how to do it well)
I should be Gluten Free, but it’s a self destructive struggle my cravings seem to win
I have Hashimoto’s, battle iron deficiency anemia and really need my TMJ syndrome diagnosed so I can deal with it already - seriously, it’s been 12 years
I don’t like eating meat and dairy but have fallen into the same pattern again
I am in recovery, and the 12 steps have saved my life
I work full time
I need God in my life
I think photography is awesome
I wanna be crafty SO MUCH it hurts sometimes (maybe writing is my answer)
I wish I could be a SAHM, but really wonder if I am too selfish for that
I want to actually make and keep a budget, some time, ever, in this life!!
I want to do 1000 DIY projects around my home
I like making baby food, recycling EVERYTHING I can, and composting
I am scatter brained
I am getting ever nearer to “30” and not too concerned by it
I heard God tell me he wants me to share what he did for me, though I still run from that sometimes
I want to be the best I can and sometimes think I fail at it
I am pretty good at apologizing when I am wrong, but far from perfect
I want to environmentally conscious/morally responsible offspring
I love the word “Organic”
At work I am called “Little Ms. Sunshine”
It's (my) progress, not perfection. I'm thankful for that.

This is who I know I am to this point, and I wonder, if I start a blog, would anyone read it. More to the point, would it matter if they didn’t?  I hope from it I can share my experience, strength, hope and meet others who desire to do the same.  I don't know what may come of sharing my thoughts, vulnerabilities and aspirations with the internet world will be, but I appreciate being able to do so.

Until Next time...
~ Nicole

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